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The Scribing Scripture

Providers often rely on scribes to increase the quality and efficiency of patient care; decrease wait times, consequently improving patient satisfaction; and decrease physician burnout, especially at sites with high-patient volumes. However, you too can get your share of advantages from this position. Learn more about the practice of scribing and some of the benefits of the role, along with a few tips on how to capitalize on those benefits.

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How to Use Scribing to Propel Your Life Plans

Clinical hours are an unspoken requirement for most healthcare school applications…. but how do you choose the right way to earn those hours? Making your application stand out in a pool of applicants can be tough. We talked to some healthcare school bound scribes and found a few secrets to making that application shine to set you apart.

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7 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Summer Internship

While landing a summer opportunity is an accomplishment in itself, it is just the beginning. Making sure you are prepared for the internship, and getting the most experience and knowledge out of your time with the company can be a challenge, so here are 7 tips that if followed correctly, should make your summer a breeze.

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ScribeLife: Wellness

Tips for Applying and Interviewing for Medical School

As a scribe, you are already one-step ahead of the competition when it comes to getting into medical school. However, understanding what admissions boards are looking for is a crucial element of success. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the sometimes-confusing medical school application and interview process:

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How You Can Effectively Celebrate Others

Of course the first thing we think of is a Holiday party, some kind of formal team building event, or get togethers during an All Scribes Meeting.  Those are no-brainers in celebrating together and we sure do those well! Plus, when it comes to showing weekly appreciation, no one does snacks in the break room better! But is that all celebrating together means -donuts and single appreciation?

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ScribeAmerica Summer Reading List

The heat is on and so is the sunscreen! If laying in the sun with your feet in the sand and a book in your hand is one of your favorite summer activities, continue on to find out what your ScribeAmerica peers are reading this season.

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