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Scribe Story #9, Alumni Edition

Ringing In the New Year from the Emergency Department

Emergencies never take a day off, even holidays, so while working as a medical scribe, there was always a need for someone on the team to be the providers support.

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Scribe Story, Alumni Edition

ScribeAmerica: A Unique and Valuable Opportunity

Very few employers could have possibly offered me the opportunities and experiences that was afforded to me during my time with ScribeAmerica. At the age of 23, I was given the opportunity to independently travel throughout the country, living in corporate housing and experiencing places I otherwise likely never would have been.

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Scribe Story #7

Going Above and Beyond

By Aleasa Whitaker

As a medical scribe, sometimes we have to multitask throughout our shift. However, even though we may become busy with multiple tasks, it’s always important to remember to try to go above and beyond for others.

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Scribe Story #4

Doctor Saves Hand, Scribe Saves Finger

By Jason Cho

The morning moved slowly, we saw a few patients in the ED. Hours went by without any commotion. Then we heard the call, I began to chart with the code for no pulse, and soon the ED doors opened. A young man in cardiac arrest. The energy shifted quickly as we all took to our positions.

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